Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach
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Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach

Elena Likhach, real name Elena Alexandrovna Likhach, is a well-known Petersburg poetess who in 2003 won the hearts of millions of connoisseurs of modern poetry. It was then that the world saw her first collection of poems. Elena is a nominee for the well-known awards «My Russia» and «Golden Pen in Vyatka».

Childhood, youth of the future poetess Elena Likhach

A girl was born in 1977 almost on New Year’s Eve, January 2. The native city of St. Petersburg forever took a special place in the heart of Elena and in the future became the central object of chanting in the poems of the first collection. Alexander, the girl’s father, worked for many years at the factory where the Severnaya Verf ships were built. Loving mother Marina worked as a mathematics teacher at a local school.

From a young age, the girl was interested in various types of art, she especially liked to listen to poems and fairy tales. Grandparents in every possible way fueled Elena’s interest and contributed to the expansion of her horizons. Grandmother was a musician, for many years she passed on her knowledge of playing the piano at a music school.

Grandfather worked as an engineer in construction, but his hobby was literature. Grandfather’s love for literature was so contagious that the girl involuntarily absorbed it into herself. He could spend hours talking about the lives of famous Russian classical writers and poets, as well as quote phenomenally accurately from their works.

School education of Elena Likhach

The girl studied at an ordinary secondary school, but she was much more interested in studying at a music school. She attended piano lessons, participated in solo concerts. Over the years of study, Elena became self-confident, felt great on stage and in the company of educated intelligent people. It would be very useful for her in the future.

At school, the girl also showed success. She easily grasped all subjects, especially humanitarian ones. Foreign languages ​​and literature were her favorite subjects. Parents also took care of the physical health of the girl, offering her fencing lessons. The girl liked this sport so much that she achieved high results — she became a master of sports. She soon had to leave her sports career because Elena had a joint injury.

How Elena Likhach’s creative career began

A child’s craving for literature has grown from a small seed into a strong flowering plant. The girl often participated in various thematic events, visited exhibitions and delighted loved ones with the recitation of her own compositions. And in 2003, poems were published in the world in a collection called «At the bottom of the St. Petersburg wells.»

The muse for creating this lyrics was Elena’s hometown on the Neva. She told how often she walked along the familiar and unfamiliar streets of St. Petersburg, absorbing its special mood, character and atmosphere. In her poems, love for the city and admiration for it is so strongly felt that even a reader who has never been there will fall in love with it.

Four years later, the next collection of poetic masterpieces Elena Likhach was released. It includes works dedicated to memories of childhood, admiration for spring landscapes, reflections on love and philosophical questions. Elena gave a symbolic name to the collection: “Thirtieth Spring”.

Finding Elena’s inspiration

Elena leads an active social life, attends various events, communicates with the intelligentsia, and often attends exhibitions. In addition, Elena likes to show courage and take part in literary battles, where she often comes out the winner.

For inspiration, the poet goes on a journey. Barcelona and Rome made a special impression on her. Probably, in the third collection, readers will get acquainted with poems dedicated to these cities.

Elena Likhach is known not only on paper, but also on the Internet

The poetess actively uses the Internet, thereby enabling her fans to be the first to learn about important news, new works and just thoughts. On elenalikhach.ru, Elena shares her thoughts and experiences. In the telegram channel, on YouTube and in other social networks, a woman actively interacts with her readers, fans of her work and personality. She also has a page in Yandex.Zen.

Answering a question about ambitions, Elena says that she would be happy if her poems were once read at an elective or literature lesson at an educational institution.

About the personal Elena Likhach

Elena was married, but the marriage was not happy. The couple divorced and today the woman herself is raising two girls. They do not yet show a special interest in literature, but Elena gently and smoothly introduces them to the wonderful world of Russian and foreign classics.

The poetess prefers to spend her free time with Alina and Lisa, her daughters, as well as in the company of her favorite books. A place of honor on her shelf is occupied by Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago. According to Elena, in the near future, readers will meet the third collection of her poems.

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